The purpose of the application is to generate code compatible with several applications, including WatiN (Web Application Testing In .NET), Celerity, and WatiR.

Version 3.0 Alpha is here:

Simple, easy to use interface

Code is not recorded in a specific language, but as objects formatted into a model

The goal for this version is clean, stable, manageable code. It's back to the basics of getting clicks, typing, and selections just right, then being able to save them in any supported language.

TO GET THE CODE, Follow this link.

Major Features of Version 3:
  • Generates source code in:
  • User-definable code format templates
  • Embedded IE browser, but code can be generated for Firefox and Chrome
  • Recordings are objects that can be saved as XML, reloaded, and saved again into a different language
  • Monitors clicks and keystrokes automatically
  • Code formatted as a model for ease of maintenance
  • Frames/IFrames support
  • Open-source freeware under GPL2, written in C#.NET 4.0

>See the list of available templates


Animations (Flash Required)

Basic Animation

No animation developed just yet...